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Pioneer headphones



The tech-packed E8s fit snugly in your ears thanks to secure ear fins (supplied in three sizes) which keep them locked in place. The Ear Direct Mount Structure aims the driver and nozzle into the inner ear for improved audio response, while the use of rare-earth magnet drivers and support for the AAC codec will energise your music. The E8s are IPX5-rated for water-resistance and include Ambient awareness earphone tips to keep you safe. Playback control, call management, and voice-assistant interaction can all be carried at the touch of a multi-function button, while the Pioneer Notification App for Android™ can read out email to the listener – and more – on the go.

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With Bluetooth Wireless Technology, you can easily stream songs from compatible devices. It's a wireless technology standard for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances.

Multifunction headset

With the integrated Inline Microphone, Phone calls can be accepted or cleared.


  • Elevate your endorphins with 6 mm rare-earth-magnet drivers. Controlled bass ramps up the power in your music, while AAC codec improves sound quality further.
  • Internal earphone batteries provide a maximum 3 hours continuous connection (including audio playback) on a single charge.
  • Three pairs of Secure ear fins are supplied in S/M/L sizes, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your ear size and shape.
  • Truly wireless design crafted for athletic and outdoor activity.

    The E8s are truly wireless, with no cable connecting L/R earphones. Immerse in music and feel your body rhythm while jogging, training, or exercising, free from cable distraction.

  • Smart features designed for athletes.

    Ambient awareness earphone tips keep you in touch with the world while maintaining musical immersion. Athletes will also love the IPX5 water-resistant earphones’ hands-free Multi-Function Button, which gathers playback, phone, and voice-assistant functions together.


  • Weight:
  • Brand:
    Pioneer Audio-Video
  • Frequency range:
    20 Hz - 20 000 Hz
  • Connectability:
    Bluetooth, Multifunction headset
  • Charging time:
    Approx. 1 hour (earphones), 3.5 hours (carry case)
  • Battery life:
    Max. 3 hours
  • Multi-sharing:
    Max. 2 devices
  • Speaker element:
    6 mm